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Opening Ceremonies

58 competitors represeting 17 countries attended the opening cermonies this evening. Two films crews, one from Japan and one from The Underwater Channel based in the US recorded the event. Many speaches were made and the overall feeling of the event was great. Our group has been treated so well by the Bahamians. This kind of hospitality is rare.

It looks like each one of us will spend at least 7 hours in the water tomorrow. This looks like it will be the last of the long safety days. During the competition days I think the amount of time we spend in the water will be closer to 4 hours. But there will still be all the other responsiblities including hauling safety equipment, daily reviews as a team a the Event commity meetings. Finally planning for the next day and blogging ;-).

Opening Ceremonies

We have posted more pictures on under the Safety Team 2009 sub menu.

2 thoughts on “Opening Ceremonies

  1. Hey Soren – Congrats – you look sunburned! Great video. Diana

    1. Thanks Diana. We are getting tan, but only around our masks, so we will come home looking pretty funny.

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