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Last training day

Today was the last training day which is nice for the safety team. On the two official training days we spend a lot of time in the water. I had 58 dives yesterday and I know Phil had 78, and the rest of the team had equal amount of dives. Today we were in the water for 7 hours of safetying and one more for testing our safety procedures.
My hands and feet have blisters and we are all sun burnt and tired, but it has been two great days. All the competitors are very friendly and generally seem happy about us being there to make them safe.

We had several impressive dives today and a lot of the competitors make freediving look so easy.

We tested the counter ballast system (safety system) and did a simulated rescue from 25 meters to show the judges that we were able to handle this. Even after a long day it all went as planned.

No pictures posted today, because it is time to go home to eat and then it will be early bedtime tonight. The ladies start diving in the competition.

4 thoughts on “Last training day

  1. Thanks a lot for the post Soren. We are following you daily! Looking forward to get some details on the comp days.

  2. Soren, thank you for posting after so hard day.
    You guys are very strong!

  3. Hey Soren – happy resting and I will check the site on Monday to see the results and photos.

  4. I hope you guys aren’t too exhausted. I’m sure you’re doing a wonderful job! Thanks for the updates and photos!!

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