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Enjoy Freediving

This blog has been started to describe the joys of freediving to people who know little or nothing about this great sport. There will be several freedivers contributing to the blog to bring different view points to life.

I often get asked what the atraction to freediving is? For me it is the feeling I have when I dive, which is difficult to describe, but I hope you will get several answers to this question if you keep reading.

The next question I usually get is about the safety during freediving. We spend considerable time training safety procedures, instructing safety to new members of our local club FreediveToronto and discussing pool and open water safety. I hope that the coming entries will show you that freediving done correctly is a very safe sport.

We just spent more than 6 months training and preparing for being safety divers at the upcoming AIDA Freediving World Championship in Bahamas. Most of the writing for the next 3 weeks will be about the preparation for this event and the event itself.