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2009 AIDA Freediving World Championships – Safety Team

The safety team has been practicing for the 2009 AIDA Freediving World Depth Championships for more than 10 months and are ready to offer professional safety services to the competing athletes.
The responsibility of the Safety Freediving Team is to make sure the divers competing have someone to help them on the last leg of their journey to the surface, the is the last 30 meters. The main safety freediver at the event will dive down to 25 to 30 meters, wait for the competitor coming up and follow/shadow him or her to the surface. We will be looking for any signs of the diver having serious trouble. If this is the case it is our job to Intervene and bring them to the surface.

The freedive safety team is only one of the safety measures at freediving competitions, and we will cover other safety aspects of competitions in future blogs.


Freediving Safety Team