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One Big Breath – Description of a breathhold

Philippe Beauchamp

This is such a great video by our friends in Montreal from ApneaCity about a breathhold and deep dive.

The video takes you on a journey on what it is like to dive deep while holding your breath. Philippe Beauchamp is an instructor and great at explaining the feelings you have during a dive.

If you have never tried freediving I hope this will make you want to come join us or other instructors in a freediving course.




2 thoughts on “One Big Breath – Description of a breathhold

  1. Hello,

    I’m a three star SSI freediver and I live close to humber college.
    I used to train in the red sea (Dahab) a lot but have been relatively inactive since I moved from Holland to canada 3 years ago.
    I’m interested in buying a good wetsuit (My old one wore out) and maybe visit your training sessions

    I welcome your thoughts,



    1. We train at Humber, most Wednesdays from July – October and you are welcome to join us. If you want training from us, we ask for $100 for the season. If you just want to come out and dive on a line next to us you are welcome, but will need to just organize your own line and safety. We are happy to have you join us either way.

      We are ordering 3 suits from our supplier right now, and you can get in on the order if you send us the attached measurements by Monday.

      We don’t have very good photos yet of the suit on our site, but it is a 5mm open cell wetsuit custom made for freediving to your measurements. Sergei and I who are the two instructors are both ordering new suits right now, because we think they are the best suits for the price.

      You can order here:

      We also now have access to this quarry: where we will be diving Tuesdays at 5:30pm. You are just as welcome to join us here.

      Feel free to call or email me back if you have any questions.

      Soren Frederiksen
      Freediving Instructor
      416 605-8569

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