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Looking at the Finals

I have a copy of the anounced depths for the CWT Finals. This event is performed with a fin and is the deepest of the pure freedive events. The current World record for women is held by Natalia Molchanova at 101m and for men is Martin Stepanek at 122m. Natalia is here and has anounced 98m but Martin is only here in a coching role. We will not be seeing a world record tomorrow but we will se some national records broken if everthing goes well.

The safety team is in good shape for the finals. A few of us have worked through ear infection. Not suprising because we have been spending up to eight hours a day in the water. Only Matt from the team trains in salt water so it is a little out of the ordinary for our bodies to spend so much time in salt water.

This is how it looks for tomorrow:

Constant Weight Finals Schedule