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Parry Sound Wreck Diving

On the last day of my vacation I was able to join the Parry Sound dive operator: Diver’s Nook. Tony was taking 5 Scuba divers out for a day of two wreck dives and he was more than happy to bring a freediver (me) along.

We all met 8:30 at the Diver’s Nook and the Scuba guys rented their tanks and gear. After a short drive to the Marina we loaded our gear in the 22 foot aluminum dive boat.

The sail to the boat was a beautiful, but cold 30 minutes. We anchored at a small rock sticking up in the middle of the bay and started to suit up to dive on the S. S. Atlantic.

Entering the water there was only 3 meters to the memorial plate mounted at the front end of the ship. Diving to the stern sitting on the bottom at 12 meters and gong a bit further past the end I saw the snow mobile placed closed to the wreck by Tony and some other divers in the 80’s. The wreck is a nice and easy dive with a boiler there can be penetrated at about 6-7 meters of water. After a little over an hour of great diving we sailed on to a nearby docking site for some lunch on the rocks.

The Jane McLeod was only 5 minutes sail from lunch closed to a cottage on a rocky windy shore. The dive was fairly easy at only 7 meters depth and almost no current. The visibility was better, most likely because of it being shallower, so I shot more video and enjoyed watching the curious bass swimming very close to my mask when I was still on the bottom.

On the way back we took the scenic route and I enjoyed talking to my fellow divers.

I would like to thank Diver’s Nook, and my fellow divers for a great day on these wrecks.