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Freediving Competition – April 5th 2017

Freediving Competition

On April 5th EnjoyFreediving will be hosting a freediving competition here in Toronto.


Humber Collegiate Institute
(Spectators are welcome. The first divers hit the water at 8pm)

What happens at a Freediving Competition

There are three competitive AIDA freediving pool disciplines. They are: Static, Dynamic and Dynamic No Fins.

For static, the diver will be lying in the surface holding their breath for as long as possible without moving. For dynamic, the diver will be swimming horizontally under the water for distance. The diver can choose to do this with our without fins. Most of all, freediving competitions allow divers to get together and test their limits in a safe environment. We are much more concerned with you being safe and having fun, than how far you go.

Schedule for the night

At this competition you will be able to choose to do one of the three events: Static, Dynamic or Dynamic No Fins.

We start the freediving competition night at 6:30pm with information for everyone about rules and the schedule. If you have never tried a competition before, we will guide you through the process, so you don’t feel lost.

We will follow the AIDA rules during the freediving competition, but will not be able to give points or AIDA ranking for this competition. We are planning on having another competition before summer, which will give AIDA points and ranking.

Because this is not an AIDA snctioned event we can help you with coaching if you don’t have your on coach.


You will need to have and AIDA 2 star pool certificate or equivalent from another freediving organization.

The competition entry is free.

Everyone need to sign up here: April 5th Competition



The EnjoyFreediving competition will have an experienced safety and judging team. We have organized several competitions before and been safety divers at world records and world championships.

If you have never seen or participated in a freediving competition, we would like that you come our as a spectator or competitor. We are very willing to answer any questions about what is happening during competition or what the best way would be to compare for a competition.

Freediving Competitions are usually lots of fun and we will all be going to the local pub afterwards to watch videos so come and hang out.

We will be watching video and celebrating performances at The Swan and Firkin after the competition


See you all in the water