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Security Problems

It all started in Vancouver when Matt had his two 2 lbs dive weights confiscated for being blunt and heavy. Lucky for him Aaron stepped up and hand delivered him two more this morning at Toronto Pearson Airport. Now the latest… I am now with Matt at Pearson Airport and the trend continues. When I went through security they wouldn’t let me take my oxygen regulator through. No tank just the regulator. They took me back to the check in counter with time running out and informed me that because I had already checked in two bags it would cost me $250 to check it…. “not enought time to reteive your bags to put them in there” I was informed. Lucky Matt had only checked one bag. Only problem he had gone on to the boarding lounge and I didn’t have his cell number. Thank you Aaron for your quick phone support. Thank you Matt for rushing back to save the team. So far the point total for rescues:

Aaron 2
Matt 1
Doug 0


4 thoughts on “Security Problems

  1. Now I know why you didn’t want me at the airport, you knew there would be something!! 😉 Glad it all worked out. You’ll all be pleased to know that I wore my AIDA Worlds shirt to school today and I gave my students a brief lesson on freediving. Well, we had just finished learning about gas laws! They were suitably impressed. You may get a few more hits on vertical blue and freedive toronto now too! Good luck!

  2. Is the rest of the team there yet? Did everyone’s gear get through? Are you guys already exhausted?? Looks like tons of people arrived during the weekend. Updates men! Updates!! : ))

  3. Yikes ! there is stress for you ! Have fun in the sun guys !!!

  4. Hey guys we are keeping an eye out on the blog. Looking forward to hear from all of you. Un p’tit mot in french pour vos supporters QuĂ©bĂ©cois!
    Enjoy the moment!

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