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Ansel Point, BC

Sunday was another beautiful day here in Vancouver. The group was scheduled to dive at Ansel Point. The tide was low enough to allow us to have plenty of room to lay out our gear and lay down an recharge in the suns rays. The surface temperature was about 24 deg C so it was a good place to cool off.

12 divers showed up to enjoy the day. Visibility was great. Lots to be seen even from the surface. 20 m from shore there was a wall to dive on that had lots of fish, sponges, starfish and jellyfish. All this was new to me so every time I arrived back at the surface I had lots of questions. It was all topped off when two seals (mom and her pup) followed Okanna back to shore. After spending hours in the water everyone had build up an good appetite to enjoy all the goodies everyone brought to share. Fresh sandwiches and all kinds of fresh fruits.

I hope this weather holds out!