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Touring Bogata

Before leaving on this trip we spent time looking into what we should see while in Bogota. With our team mate Rolexi (he grew up in Bogota) guiding us we visited The Candelaria. A famous part of the city with a great history. Highlights of the Candelaria that we say were.

Many small coblestone streets

The birth place of Bogota

The Botero Art Gallery

The Mint Museum

Mexican Cultural Centre

Parliament Buildings

presidential Palace

Several Churches in different architectual styles including the famous Catedral Primada seen in the image below.

Shopping plaza

Traffic is wild and chaotic and downright scary. We opted for Taxis and walking to get around. Only one out of 6 taxis so far had seat belts available in the rear seats. One cab that seemed like he was on a suicide mission and then tried to rip us off. So 11 out of 12 drivers have been good. The pollution from cars is especially strong during rush hour. We can feel the burn in our throats.

Armed with the knowledge from the trip with Rolexi, Gord and I visited the Gold museum (a must see for $2).

Below is a picture of Gord and I at the Mexican Culture Centre with the mountains in the backgroud.

Inside Catedral Primada