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Tobermory 2010 Part II

Tobermory part II. The second offical Tobermory trip of the year and the last Tobermory trip for 2010 for the FreediveToronto Group. The weather just didn’t want to co-operate causing serveral people to decide it wasn’t going to be for them. Three of us decided that we didn’t want to waste an oportunity to get out of the city and have a little fun. The waves were too big for a long trek along the coast but it certainly made for some interesting video.

I hope that the weather is better for next year.

If you like the music it is from a band called “Prince Perry and the Gladtones” ( Perry is a long time friend of the Freedive Comunity and he agreeded to let me use the music in this video.



2 thoughts on “Tobermory 2010 Part II

  1. I love big, crashing waves. People assume they make it harder to float and breathe on the surface, but it’s really very enjoyable.

  2. Exciting…

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