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The Boat Launch 2010

We picked up the boat on Saturday after some minor delays.  It was a great day to  sail  it to Toronto. I am Looking forward to some training and recrational diving. I hope to get out every Wednesday this summer. Hope to see you one the water.


5 thoughts on “The Boat Launch 2010

  1. Awesome video Doug! Although my a$$ is really sore from jumping those waves and landing on a wood seat I had a great time. I’m bringing a cushion next time for sure.

  2. What an awesome video! Congrats on the boat guys…can you bring it to Vancouver this summer, along with the sun?

  3. Yahoo! We are coming to Toronto right now!

  4. Awesome video indeed! Alright… I’m ready to dive!

  5. awesome editing in the video…

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