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Results Day 2/3 · Underwater Rugby

Game 3 – The game we Won!
New Jersey 4 / Unicauca 2

Unicauca is the city in Columbia where they are from. If felt good to win a game. This is the first game I played Guard. Gord played midfield and scored one of the 4 goals.

Game 4
Orcas B 5 / New Jersey 1

Orcas are from Medellin Columbia. This is the main centre for water sports in Columbia. Orcas A won the Ä division.

Gord and I have purchased DVDs of our final game and of the A and B division final.

The picture below was taken during the Division A final. We found out after that people were watching it live online. If I would have know I would have sent out a link.

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  1. Dear Douglas I just picked up your blog. Congratulations. Must have been a big help with you playing guard! Exciting for Gord to score a goal.
    Well done!!

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