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Mini competition with national records and a squid audience

Today was a day off for the competitors from the world championship and for most of the safety divers. Sebastian had arranged a small competition for anyone who wanted to set a national record or redeemed themselves after a failed dive during the last few days of the world championship.

There were 14 divers only 3 safety divers were required. So Matt, Aaron and Soren volunteered for the day. The day went well with several national records beaten, and a few failed dives including two black outs. “When we were warming up in the morning there were 5 squid hanging on the ropes holding the competition platform in place. They stayed close for the first few dives, but never left the blue hole, so when we were finished we played with them” Soren said.


The rest of the team spent time relaxing and recovering from the longs days spent in the water.

After the comp was completed Aaron and Soren went for a swim.


Time to get back home to eat and sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day with the CNF final.

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