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The Monofin training tutorial by Aleš Medek and Zbynek Svozil is a great location to get information about finswimming technique.

Site: – Monofin Training Tutorial.

 These are the topics covered on the site:

  1. Dry drills
  2. Drills without fins
  3. Drills with flippers
  4. Drills with a monifin
  5. Starts
  6. Turns
  7. Common mistakes

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Aida Canada Forums

The Aida Canada Forums is a great place to get information about all areas of freediving. This is where most of the Canadian freedivers communicate with each other and it is a great place to get tips on freediving equipment, training tips or where the best dive sites are located.

Check out the Aida Canada Forums here

Aida Canada Forums

The forums as described on Aida Canadas Website:

Our forums will create dialogue on the latest on freediving clubs, events, issues, and information on freediving in Canada. This is the best way to connect and become involved with freedivers across the country.

Dedicated to fostering an exchange of ideas and information towards an involved Canadian freediving community, AIDA Canada is attempting to create an environment that is safe and respectful for all participants. We hope all community members are encouraged to express themselves with the aim of developing AIDA Canada from a mature, well-rounded community. Participants can be assured that we will support them accordingly as per our AIDA Canada Code of Conduct, such that their input to the community can develop and be responded to with consideration.

Our forum is also where AIDA Canada volunteers and board members will connect to work on projects and get feedback on initiatives. Want to know what’s going on? Visit the forum.